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Classes are held on Monday's at The United Church of Chester and on Tuesday's and Thursday's at Westbrook Dance Academy.

To register for classes for our Westbrook location & view class schedule please visit


Monday 6:30 - 7:30 United Church of Chester

Thursday 4:30 -5:30 Westbrook Dance Academy

* times subject to change pending enrollment

Our advanced beginner and intermediate classes will continue to focus on technique as well as perfecting the basic movements learned as a beginner. Dancers will continue to learn more advanced steps of the Jig, Reel and will progress onto Slip Jig.

Once dancers have become proficient in the light shoe dances, hard shoe dances such as the Hornpipe and Treble Jig will be introduced. It is teacher’s discretion as to when hard shoes should be purchased for your dancer.

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Irish step is offered for both boys and girls ages 5 and up and consists of both step and Ceili dances. Our beginner class is an introduction to Irish dance technique focusing on posture, pointed toes, hops, skips, balance and musicality. As a beginner, your dancer will learn the basic steps of the Jig and may progress into the Reel.


Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 Westbrook Dance Academy 

* Time subject to change pending enrollment


ADVANCED (Ages 13 and up)

Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 Westbrook Dance Academy 


Our advanced classes will continue to perfect technique with emphasis on posture, foot placement, and proper execution of steps. Our advanced dancers will continue to learn more advanced steps of the Jig, Reel, Slip Jig, Treble Jig, and Hornpipe. Traditional and Non-Traditional set pieces will also be introduced. Advanced dancers can expect to learn a few steps from Riverdance and Lord of the Dance too!


At Krane Irish Dance, we expect all dancers to walk through the studio doors with a positive attitude and to try their best.


  • For Westbrook Dance Academy: Any style solid black leotard, tan or black tights. Warmups may be worn at the discretion of the instructor; black skirt/black fitted shorts may be worn.

  • For Chester Classes: t-shirt & shorts, leggings & t-shirt are appropriate. Krane swag always welcome! :)

  • Please have hair pulled away from face in ponytail, braid, or bun

  • Socks and shoes – both ghillies and hard shoes if needed

  • Absolutely NO bare feet, pajamas, oversized sweatshirts, jeans, or hair in face. Your dancer may be asked to sit out of their lesson if they are not in appropriate attire. 

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