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About the Competition Team

Krane Irish Dance Feis Team offers students the chance to dance competitively with the open platform organization Rince Tuatha Nua. Team members progress at an accelerated rate due to more classes, training, Feis, and performance opportunities.  Members of the Krane Irish Dance Feis Team have the opportunity to compete individually and/or as a team through Ceili dancing. ​

Since 2017, members of the Irish Feis Team have won multiple national titles, regional titles, and have been ranked internationally.


  • 2018 Beginner New England Champion - Briella Dean of East Haddam

  • 2019 Ceili Two Hand New England Champions - Olivia Hartmann of Clinton & Briella Dean of East Haddam 

  • 2021 Beginner Mid-Atlantic Champion - Neilly Erlandson of East Haddam 


  • 2017 Starpower National Champion - Warriors 

  • 2021 Novice National Champion - Olivia Hartmann of Clinton

  • 2021 Beginner National Champion - Mia Stowik of Westbrook 

  • 2022 Beginner National Champion - Bridey Erlandson of East Haddam

  • 2022 Intermediate National Champion - Neilly Erlandson of East Haddam

  • 2023 Intermediate National Champion - Kylee Pascale of Old Saybrook 


* Fun fact* In 2022, Krane Irish Dance had its first dual National Champions that just so happened to be sisters! Both Bridey and Neilly Erlandson of East Haddam respectively earned the titles of U8 Beginner National Champion and U11 Intermediate National Champion.​ 

To be considered for the competition team members must: attend weekly competition classes and have at least one year of Irish dancing experience, and dancers should also attend their weekly technique and choreography classes. Weekly classes provide an overview of the fundamentals of Irish step such as posture, pointed toes, musicality, balance, foot placement, and proper execution of steps. Team members must adhere to the dress code for class, feis, and performances.


​Being a member of Krane Irish Dance Feis team is a privilege. Team members should always: show courtesy and respect to teachers and other students at the studio as well as outside the studio, set a positive example in class, behave appropriately, conduct themselves in a professional manner, and have good sportsmanship. Students and their parents are expected to treat staff, faculty, and each other in a good manner.



Rince Tuatha Nua is a large, robust USA based Open Platform Irish Dance organization that has its roots in Irish Dance Traditions, but aims to grow and evolve with modern Irish dancing!

For more information on RTN please visit:

2023-2024 Feis Schedule

9/30/2023 Lee Feis

10/7/2023 Connemara Feis 

10/21/2023 Ridgewood Blackout Feis

11/11/2023 McHale Feis

November 2023 Southern Championships

December 2023 Daly Feis

1/20/2024 Jennifer Lynn Feis

2/16/2024 - 2/17/2024 Mid-Atlantic Championships

3/3/2024 Dancing on Eire Feis

4/13/2024 New England Championships

4/27/2024 Lee Feis

5/11/2024 McHale Feis

5/18/2024 Pride of Erin Feis 

June 2024 Peters School Feis

July 2024 RTN National Championship

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